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Founders In LA Podcast With Jason Vego, the CEO and Co-Founder of Bevz.

The Bevz Effect with Jason Vego's Strategy - Disrupt the Convenience Retail Sector

"Failing is the best way to learn." This mantra has guided Jason Vego, CEO and Co-Founder of Bevz, through the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey.

Jason Vego was featured in the latest episode of Founders In LA. In the episode, he shared insights into how his company is revolutionizing retail operations for independent liquor and convenience stores through innovative SaaS solutions.

The conversation focuses on how Bevz is working towards simplifying inventory management and enhancing e-commerce capabilities, which has been a challenge for the sector that has often been overlooked by technological advancements. Vego also discusses the importance of understanding customer needs, adapting to industry shifts, and leveraging personal experiences to drive a business forward.

Apart from the narrative of Bevz's evolution, Vego shares anecdotes about entrepreneurship, resilience, and the spirit of collaboration, which offer valuable lessons on navigating the tech startup landscape.

Three takeaways from the episode:

  • We are now embarking on what I refer to as phase two, which involves seamless integration with point-of-sale Systems. We are also working on innovative technology that will allow us to tap into the barcode scanner, providing real-time data on what's leaving the store and being purchased online. This enables us to assist businesses in managing their inventory more efficiently. However, it's important to note that we are still in the process of perfecting this feature.

  • The core problem was not e-comers; the core problem was too much inventory with too many SKUs and too few of each SKU. Stores need a better way to manage and track their inventory. By solving this problem, Bevz can improve the way a store operates and change how the industry is run. 

  • Hitting milestones makes all the sacrifice worth it. We've worked hard to get here, but we have a lot more to do now at Bevz.

This episode highlights Bevz's mission to empower small businesses and reflects on the broader implications of technology in transforming traditional business models.

Cheers! We hope you enjoy the conversation.


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