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Case Study: Transforming Online Sales with Bevz Marketing Manager Tool

Case study

A well-established local liquor store in LA with a strong presence in the community made a strategic decision to enhance its online sales by forming partnerships with popular delivery platforms such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. Despite the considerable effort invested in this initiative, the store experienced a lack of significant growth in its online sales, with an average of merely six orders per week over the past year, resulting in approximately $150 in weekly sales.

To promote its online presence, the store allocated an average of $30 per week to marketing activities, which led to an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 4.45x. The owner, who was deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, entrusted DoorDash's promotional and sponsored listing recommendations and chose to keep them on autopilot due to the initially promising ROAS. He quickly realized that this strategy had several challenges. 

Challenges of Marketing on third-party apps

Despite its presence on multiple delivery platforms, the store encountered several challenges:

  1. Stagnant Sales: Online orders averaged only six per week, showing no significant growth.

  2. Inefficient Marketing Spend: Although the initial ROAS was high, the marketing efforts became less effective over time. The strategies turned stale, potentially overpromoting to loyal customers who would have ordered without additional incentives.

  3. Time Constraints: The owner's busy schedule prevented regular optimization of marketing strategies, heavily relying on autopilot settings that were not dynamically adjusted.

Solution: Bevz Marketing Automation Tool

To tackle these challenges, the store owner implemented BevzAI, a marketing automation tool designed to optimize promotional strategies dynamically. BevzAI leverages historical sales data to predict weekly revenue and adjusts marketing efforts based on real-time store performance.

How BevzAI Works:

  • Data Analysis: BevzAI analyzes historical sales to establish performance benchmarks.

  • Dynamic Adjustments: BevzAI makes real-time marketing decisions based on weekly performance. If sales fall below expectations, BevzAI deploys aggressive promotions. When performance improves, it scales back promotions to avoid wasteful spending.

  • Pacing Strategy: By swiftly reacting to weekly sales trends, BevzAI ensures marketing dollars are utilized effectively, targeting new customers instead of overpromoting to existing ones.


The implementation of BevzAI led to remarkable improvements within four weeks:

  • Increased Revenue: Weekly sales doubled, averaging $297.

  • Optimized Marketing Spend: Marketing expenditure increased slightly by 27% to $42 per week.

  • Improved ROAS: The ROAS jumped to 7.07x, indicating a more efficient and effective use of marketing funds.

The case of this LA store highlights the importance of dynamic marketing strategies in the competitive online marketplace. The initial reliance on static promotions led to stagnant growth while adopting an automated, data-driven approach resulted in significant revenue increases and more efficient marketing spending. This case underscores the potential of leveraging advanced marketing automation tools to adapt to real-time performance metrics, ensuring optimal allocation of marketing resources and sustained business growth.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dynamic Marketing Adjustments: Regularly updating and optimizing marketing strategies is crucial to avoid stagnation.

  2. Efficient Use of Marketing Dollars: Targeting new customers rather than overpromoting to loyal ones can maximize the impact of marketing spend.

  3. Leveraging Automation Tools: Tools like BevzAI can significantly enhance performance by making real-time, data-driven marketing decisions. This allows busy store owners to focus on daily operations without sacrificing marketing effectiveness.

By integrating the BevzAI smart marketing tool, this LA store that asked to stay autonomous transformed its online sales trajectory, demonstrating the power of intelligent marketing automation in driving business success.


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