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Bevz is Made by retailers, for retailers!

Our story

Bevz is a platform designed for independent liquor and convenience stores. Victor Grayr, the co-founder, spent more than 35 years as a retailer struggling with technology that always fell short of liquor store needs. In 2019, he decided to take matters into his own hands and launched Bevz to create a platform that specifically caters to these stores.

When Bevz was initially launched, it was a delivery app for independent liquor stores. Within a few months of its launch, Victor was successful in growing Bevz's popularity in the Los Angeles area. The next challenge was to find a team that could grow Bevz nationwide. To lead operations, Victor brought on Jason Vego, who was the Head of Employee Communications & Engagement at Citrix. You can learn more about Jason's journey to CEO in his blog, From Basketball Coach to Co-Founder.

Together, Victor and Jason transformed Bevz into a SaaS platform for liquor stores across the country.

Meet the team

Powering the snack & drink industry

Our mission

We aspire to lead the success of convenience and liquor stores globally by seamlessly integrating advanced technology. We aim to create a future where every store thrives at the intersection of convenience and technology, setting new industry standards.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower convenience and liquor stores worldwide with innovative solutions. We're dedicated to transforming the retail experience by providing user-friendly technology that helps store owners stock the right products, optimize pricing and streamline operations.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to offer advanced, user-friendly technology that boosts the efficiency and profitability of convenience and liquor stores. We use data-driven solutions to help store owners make informed decisions, stock customer-preferred products, and optimize pricing. By simplifying back-office tasks, we free up time for store owners to enhance in-store experiences, expand their business across e-commerce channels, and diversify their revenue streams.

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