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Liquor Store News Network

This is a Facebook group where independently owned & operated liquor & convenience stores can share deals, tips, and breaking news with each other.

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Retailer first, always

Industry News

Who has time to read articles, journals, and magazines when you have a store to run? Cut the noise & get the main facts of relevant industry news.

Deals & Promotions

Don't miss out on savings. Be notified of deals & promotions of top selling products.

Retailer Events

Retailer Networking

Make connections that matter. Find a community of owners, managers, and clerks that have personal knowledge of the industry.

Trending Brands

Keep up with the latest hot products.

& Much More!

Find events to network in-person or attend industry trade shows.

Liquor Store News Network is free & open to any retailer, supplier, or distributor who is looking to join in on the conversation!

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