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About Bevz

Made by retailers, for retailers

Bevz’s co-founder, Victor Grayr, spent over 35 years as a retailer struggling with technology that always fell short of liquor store needs. Finally, in 2019 he decided to take matters into his own hands & launched Bevz with the idea of creating a platform specifically designed for independent liquor & convenience stores.

Originally launched as a delivery app for independent liquor stores, Victor was successful at growing Bevz's popularity in the Los Angeles area within a few months of launch. His next challenge was to find a team that could grow Bevz nationwide. To lead operations, Victor brought on Jason Vego, who was the Head of Employee Communications & Engagement at Citrix. Read more about Jason's journey to CEO in his blog
From Basketball Coach to Co-Founder.

Together, they transformed Bevz into a SaaS platform for liquor stores across the country.

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Meet The Team


Victor Grayr


  • LinkedIn

Owner & Operator of convenience stores for 35+ years, with millions in annual revenue.


Victor is an independent consultant for 100+ convenience stores. He specializes in supporting convenience stores by advising on business operations and growth.


He is also a strategic advisor for global alcohol brands

and wholesalers.


Jason Vego

Co-Founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn

Led global teams of project managers, consultants, and marketing professionals.

At Citrix, Jason owned

employee and manager communications/engagement for 10,000+ employees globally.

Jason was also a project management, marketing, and communications consultant.

MBA from UCLA Anderson.


Jim Goodman


  • LinkedIn

Founding member of Ticketmaster Online & Corks, a national wine app that Jim successfully exited.

Jim was the CTO of a multi-billion dollar family office

for 5 years.


He has integrated hundreds of APIs at Intel to create

the AppUp ecosystem.

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Our vision is to transform the 100,000+ independent liquor stores across the nation with the technology, data, and support they need to compete against corporate chains, and create the largest network of liquor stores in the world.

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We are retailer first. Always.

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