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Bevz Announces Partnership with Lotte and RNDC

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Independent liquor convenience stores were losing out on sales because they didn't know about soju. Bevz found a solution.

VAN NUYS, Calif., Feb 7, 2022 - Bevz, a technology and services company for liquor and convenience stores, announced a partnership with Lotte Beverage America and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) to increase the penetration of Korean soju brand, Soonhari, into the independent liquor and convenience store market.

“Soju is the #1 best selling spirit in the world, but a lot of smaller retailers are losing out on sales because they don’t know that it exists,” said Victor Grayr, CEO of Bevz. “We’re helping change that. With this partnership, retailers can get authentic Korean soju right from their RNDC sales representative.”

Before this partnership, Lotte had limited access to independent retailers as most sales came from wholesalers, restaurants, or chain supermarkets. In a three-pronged approach, Bevz is helping introduce soju to independent retailers that can order Soonhari through RNDC.

This partnership now allows RNDC to distribute Chum Churum (ABV 17.5%) and the following Soonhari (ABV 12%) flavors : Yogurt, Peach, Apple, Strawberry, Citron & Apple Mango.


About Bevz

Bevz is a technology and services platform for liquor and convenience stores. Founded in 2019, Bevz was created on the idea of building technology for retailers, by retailers. Its advising board has over 75 years of experience owning and operating independent liquor stores. Bevz is currently operating in California and expanding nationwide. Additional information about Bevz can be found at

About Lotte Beverage America

Lotte Beverage America Corp. is a part of the Lotte Group which is one of the top 5 conglomerates in South Korea. Since its incorporation in 1979, it has been the U.S. importer and distributor of various alcoholic beverage products manufactured by its parent company Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd.(Lotte Liquor). Lotte Beverage America engages in the distribution of its own brands of soju, liqueur, rice wine, fruit wine and beer products in 23 different states across the U.S. and are continuing to expand its presence in the U.S. marketplace.

About Republic National Distributing Company

RNDC, a world-class distributor of fine wines, spirits and CBD in North America, has operations in the District of Columbia and 37 states across the United States. To learn more, visit or contact Reace Smith, Vice President, Corporate Communications at

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