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Welcome to Bevz.

We are in the process of preparing your tablet for shipment to your store.

Next steps

Your Bevz tablet will arrive within one week of account creation.

Packages will be delivered by FedEx.



Our onboarding experts will make it easy and seamless.

Please have the following ready for your onboarding call.

  1. Your store's EIN#

  2. Corporation name

  3. Account and Routing# (Where you want to receive payment)

  4. Store owner's Last 4 Digits of SSN

  5. Delivery service log-in (If applicable)

  6. W-9 and Void check

  7. Photo Liquor License



Watch your sales grow!
Once you are fully set up, sit back and let the orders roll in. You can trust that everything is in order and that your business is ready to soar! 

Explore our how-to videos

Bevz YouTube Channel

We have several short how-to videos available on our YouTube channel. Each video covers a specific topic. You can easily learn how to change an item, adjust your hours, or request a new product. 

Owners: This is a great option for training your employees to use the Bevz iPad!


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