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Utah Is Considering Opening Pop-Up Liquor Stores

For a state that has some of the strictest liquor laws, we're excited to hear about the ideas being discussed in Utah ahead of the 2023 NBA All-Stars game.

The 2023 game is expected to attract up to 100,000 visitors to Salt Lake City - many of whom will want to enjoy a drink or two. This expected demand from visitors is worrying Utah ABC as they fear that local state-run liquor stores, bars, and restaurants will not be able to keep up.

As a solution, Utah ABC proposed to open pop-up liquor stores to help relieve the pressure on local stores. These stores will run similarly to pop-up Spirit Halloween stores, to spread out visiting customers throughout the Salt Lake City area.

In the proposal, Utah ABC budgeted the stores to open a week before the game and stay open until the week after the game. Utah ABC is also expecting to hire temporary workers to help run the pop-up and existing stores.


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