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Convenience Stores Exploring Delivery & Subscription

The top 3 cities with the most 7-Elevens are Las Vegas, Dallas, and Los Angeles. If you're an independent retailer in these cities, you might notice a decrease in soft drink and snack sales due to the launch of 7NOW.

7NOW Gold Pass by 7-Eleven

  • $5.95/mo. Subscription

  • Delivery fees waived

  • 3,000 products available for delivery

  • Free products with $10+ order

  • Double Rewards for 7Rewards Members

Other chains like Sheetz, that operates in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and North Carolina, are experimenting with subscriptions too. For example, Circle K, that operates stores in 48 states, allows customers to get 1 drink a day for a flat price of $5.99/mo.

Fryz by Sheetz

  • $9.99/mo. Subscription

  • Allows members to order fries every 2 hours

  • Also has unlimited self-service drink subscription for $14.99/mo.

Sip & Save by Circle K

  • $5.99/mo. Subscription

  • Allows customers to enjoy 1 daily fountain drink, Froster Slushy, Coffee, or Tea of their choice

Independent retailers can compete by:

  1. Offering delivery - sign up for as many delivery apps as possible

  2. Offer rewards - some POS systems allow you to offer reward programs

  3. Leverage liquor - this is something these chains don’t have


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