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Pricing Update

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From April 4th to April 15th, 2022, Bevz will update the original price for popular items in your product library.

At Bevz, we strive to always put your retail needs first. This is why we are updating the original price on products to more accurately reflect market pricing and help your profit margins stay strong. This update affects the price of some liquor, wine, beer, tobacco, soda, snacks, and extras. See the full list of prices updated below.

Once this update is complete, you will be able to adjust product pricing as you wish. There is no longer a cap on pricing. We recommend waiting to adjust prices until the update is completed on April 15th. Learn how to update your product pricing here.

Overtime, we will continue to update original pricing to more closely reflect market MSRP, while giving you the flexibility to increase your e-commerce/delivery pricing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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